A Response to “Productivity Hack: Running to Work”

I recently read Nicholas Thompson’s LinkedIn post about running to work/home from work.  It’s a great article and something I can relate to as I have been running home from work for the past two and a half years.  I am a fair-weather runner, literally, and do most of mine in the spring, summer and fall.  But, I must say, I was refreshed to hear his candidness about the practicalities and foresight that goes into running to or from work.

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5 Tips to Find a Name for your Blog or Business

IMG_3875I wasn’t always an ademoiselle. I used to be a travelling shpee and then a Medieval Mel – names of blogs from my writer’s past.  Finding a blog name, and hence my business name, was always a challenge because it was something I couldn’t quite commit to.  Buying a domain and branding myself under one guise was daunting – like choosing wallpaper.  The name had to be good and meaningful to me.

I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I love my blog name.  It achieved everything I was looking to achieve: girliness, industry lingo, a pun, and something original.  When choosing the name for your brand or business, it’s good to have your objectives laid out in front of you. Do you want to be abstract like Amazon or funky like Google?  Do you want a symbol, like Nike, or a legacy, like Bell.  Next, you have to determine your audience.  Who are you trying to reach and who do you want to impress?  How do you catch their attention?  Then it’s on to your marketing.  How can you market your new business to make its name a household thing?

I am quite infantile when it comes to achieving these steps, because it’s only me running ademoiselle and my marketing budget is 0$.  But, coming up with something you can believe in and something that can stand for what you believe in are crucial elements to building your brand.  Here’s a few practical tips for how to start:

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Ademoiselle’s Highlights of the Week

Is it just me or is January flying by?  That’s a great thing – because, who likes January?

Actually, it’s not such a bad month.  You normally get a thaw around southern Ontario, everyone is well-rested from their holidays, resolutions are in the mix so you’re starting to feel a little better about your food consumption in December now that you’ve hit the gym once (or twice… okay, once).  And, you’re planning your vacations to escape winter.

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