Snapchat, snaptastic

Have you delved into the world of snapchat yet? Don’t let the little yellow ghost icon fool you, this powerful and popular app is what all the cool kids are doing.

Here are five snazzy things you can do with snapchat:

  1. The obvious one: take photos or videos that disappear within 10 seconds
  2. The unobvious one: take slow-mo videos that disappear in 20 seconds
  3. Chat live with friends online
  4. Share live video (a la FaceTime) with friends online
  5. Use unique face filters to change up your “snaps”

I use snapchat for many reasons, but it’s primarily a sharing tool for my friends and family. I love how it creates a unique window into the things happening right now, not only objectively but subjectively. People’s personalities can shine through anyway they want.

Snapchats show a sliver of a story in less time it takes to write your thoughts in a post or tweet.  A snap is worth many characters.

Here are some recent examples of my snaps. (Oh, and you can download them before they send or you can screen grab them while they’re happening, so nothing is ever entirely erased or gone).

Playing with a face filter: 

Adding text to a photo, going for a run on a particularly warm day:

And some movie fun at Hallloween:


Happy Snapping!

@mreiffenstein on Snapchat.

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