How To Commit To Writing Your Blog

Workplace in my office with coffee

If you’re like me, you’ve dragged your heels about writing consistently for your blog or website. You’ve had a lot of fun coming up with the name and designing the template but when it comes down to producing valuable content for your readers, the task can seem daunting.

That’s why for Back to School, I’m re-committing. As eager as I’d be to buy new notebooks and pens and head to class over a decade ago, this time of year lends that same infectious motivation that we can all take advantage of.

Here’s how to commit to a writing a blog that is consistent, entertaining, and valuable for readers (I’m going to follow these steps, too, so I’m not just preaching):

Start jotting down article topics and ideas. This is a good way to remember your inspiring content ideas on the go without feeling you need to commit to writing the article right then and there. You’ll be surprised what ideas your ‘past self’ came up with and what your present self might build off of. Bring a notebook or take notes in your phone so you don’t miss out on a potentially valuable idea later.

Book time off to write. Just like we have to do with working out now, book off an hour or even 30 minutes to just start pouring out your writing. And stick to a schedule; maybe it’s 30 mins one morning to flesh out an idea, then the next 30 minute session is used for editing.

Keep your articles short. Most of us have little time for a TL;DR so spare us your long pontifications and get to the point fast. It takes more time to write a shorter piece due to editing and flow, but you’ll get better at it the more you try and your readers will thank you.

Calendarize when you publish your posts. If you decide that Wednesday is your DIY blog day, then stick to it and be consistent. Put a few pieces in the pipe before you start with this new cadence so you have a bank of articles to rely on in case you’re too busy one week. You can schedule blog posts to go live on their own as well.

Then, auto-schedule your social share posts. You can do this with most CMS tools; just plug in the social media sharing copy you want to accompany your article before it goes live and let the automated world do the rest. Remember your hashtags and @mentions.

Good luck to you and wish me luck as well! My goal is to have three months of weekly content and I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.  Keep me posted as well, in the comments.


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