WAH? A turtle pool for the Global CEO

In a comms role, you are asked to do a lot. During the fantastic mania that was the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’, the Global CEO where I worked was visiting our office from NYC. At the time, one of his cronies had challenged him to the IBC.

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels.com

I was asked to go and pick up a turtle pool from the local Canadian Tire so he could take part in the challenge inside. Sans vehicle large enough to transport said turtle pool, I headed out on foot to walk the 1-kilometre trek in 30-degree Celsius July heat.

Returning to the office was no easy feat. Despite being light to carry, the near 6′ round plastic backyard contraption wouldn’t dangle comfortably from my arm so I therefore hauled it on my head, to the confusion of many a pedestrian and driver passing by.

Of course, it was all for nothing, as the CEO decided to forgo his challenge and head out early.

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