An Ode to a First Apartment

An Ode to a First Apartment

I’m moving.  After five awesome years in my “first” apartment, I’m upgrading to a condo.   I use quotations around first because although I did move out for school, this was my first on-my-own place, which was a big deal.  It’s time to move on, no doubt, but saying goodbye can be hard. Which is why I could use a little reminiscing, so here’ goes.

As a first apartment, it had its ups and downs.  Ups: it was affordable (cheap, considering today’s market), walkable distance to work, in the heart of a cool neighbourhood and just the right size, even when my 6’4″ boyfriend moved in.  Those ups were enough to outweigh the downs, some of which being: loud thumping music from the restaurant below, the occasional* cockroach, no air conditioning (or functional windows, for the majority of them), and always a just a wee bit dirty.

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What Organizations Should You Get Involved In?


Have you ever considered taking on something outside of your regular work or leisure time? More young professionals are seeing the immense value of joining an organization or activity that bridges the gap between their full time jobs and lying on the couch watching Netflix. And more employers look for that well-rounded person when hiring.

Being on a board or volunteering are great ways to get exposure, extra experience, and feel more fulfilled in our lives. But time is precious, as we all know, and it’s hard to commit to anything outside of our norm. So what leaps should you take into the extracurricular? Here are some tips.

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How To Commit To Writing Your Blog

Workplace in my office with coffee

If you’re like me, you’ve dragged your heels about writing consistently for your blog or website. You’ve had a lot of fun coming up with the name and designing the template but when it comes down to producing valuable content for your readers, the task can seem daunting.

That’s why for Back to School, I’m re-committing. As eager as I’d be to buy new notebooks and pens and head to class over a decade ago, this time of year lends that same infectious motivation that we can all take advantage of.

Here’s how to commit to a writing a blog that is consistent, entertaining, and valuable for readers (I’m going to follow these steps, too, so I’m not just preaching):

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Don’t duplicate your message on multiple social networks


I get this request a lot so I thought it fitting to talk about using multiple social media networks (that many feel are identical) in their brand strategy.  However identical (or fraternal) you find two or more networks, they indeed differ, and require unique and strategic thinking when approaching each.

Too often I am asked about supporting one initiative on Twitter and then doing the same type of support on Facebook.  While complementing your campaign on various social channels is important, mirroring them will only get you poorer results.

For instance, promoting a Twitter chat on Facebook isn’t going to get you more chat participants.  People go to Facebook to see photos of their friends and to find interesting pieces of content that they can engage with.  If Facebook drove people off of their platform, they’d never maintain their sustainable business model of capturing your hard-earned attention at an average of 20 minutes each session (globally).

There’s a reason Twitter is a more publicly accessible platform, with categorical sorting of information (hashtags), than Facebook is. It’s designed for it.  So what do marketers have to watch out for?

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