S#@% people DON’T say in a Zombie Apocalypse #TheWalkingDead

That was a good sleep.

I’m so glad I’m pregnant.

What’s the wifi password?

I am never gonna run out of ammo.

I wonder what walkers taste like?

I am so full.

I have so many emails to go through.

Hey, that walker is kinda cute.

I would’ve given up shaving anyway.

My Visa bill is going to be so high this month.

Yep, I charged my battery.

There’s a vaccine for that, right?

Hey, what’s the price of gas?

There’s no way I miss TV.

I haven’t seen an abandoned car for days!

Have others… write them in the comments!

One response to “S#@% people DON’T say in a Zombie Apocalypse #TheWalkingDead”

  1. Nick Avatar

    Keep a lookout while I poop thx.

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