How to Treat and Prevent a Twitter Hack


So, you’ve been hacked on Twitter.   You clicked that link that someone sent of you looking ‘LOL-worthy’ in a picture and opened up Pandora’s box for all of your followers to see.

Don’t feel bad.  Countless accounts are hacked or compromised on Twitter and it spreads like a, well, virus.

The following advice comes straight from my most trusted source in IT. What to do if you’ve been hacked:

Step 1 | Log into 

Step 2 | Go to your settings

Step 3 | Go to apps

Step 4 | Revoke access of any app you are unsure of. If in doubt; revoke access. If it’s something you use you will be able to re-engage it later. This is the how your Twitter account was hacked.

Step 5 | Change your Twitter password.

Step 6 | Keep on trucking… don’t let a hack get you down, jump back on the Twitter bandwagon and delete any unwanted tweets that might have been sent on the hackers’ behalf from your home feed.
Never been hacked? Okay, Drew Barrymore, thank your lucky stars and keep doing the following:
Change your password once every few months to something with characters and numbers in it.

Never open any links sent to you via DM.  Just don’t do it – even if it’s from someone you know. Odds are they were hacked, too.

Make sure you have good anti-virus software on your computer and scan your comp for malware post-attack.

Check Twitter for their recommendations as well.  Share your funny hack stories in the comments below!

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