CMOs: What do you want to know about Social Media?


When it comes to social media strategy, who should be the expert?  I would assume that a social media strategist or community manager working with brands at an agency knows more than the brand itself, and that therefore makes them the expert.  But more and more ‘experts’ are saying (queue the necessary eye roll) that senior management on the brand side should know more about social media than simply what a ‘like’ means.

There are those who are happy to be ignorant, or even fearful, of social media or digital strategy.  That is fine, as long as you have someone in your corporation who isn’t.  If all you do is see the growing bottom line then you are probably doing the right thing, in your mind.

But, you could be a different kind of CMO.  You may want to know how these strategies work.  When someone barks the word ‘influencers’ across the table from you, you may want to know what that means and understand all of the aspects that go along with influencer strategy.

That’s why I ask you, CMOs, CEOs, and office bro’s, what do you want to know about social media?  Producing a Social Media How-To for anyone is a lengthy, comprehensive task.  Teaching someone the day-to-day basics of community management or social media are helpful ways to learn the tactics, but that approach often lacks in strategy.

What is really on my mind is, are you an automatic or a standard-shift social media person?  If the answer is auto, then find yourself a great co-pilot and keep on driving.  If it’s standard-shift, then come talk to me.

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One response to “CMOs: What do you want to know about Social Media?”

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