GALLERY: My experience at @TheSocialCTV’s LIVE Broadcast!

Today I was in the live studio audience for CTV’s The Social and it was amazing!  It was one of my first studio audience experiences and it was super cool to be a part of this new, Canadian show that has everyone talking and being Social!  Here are some of my exclusive pics.  What an experience!  We got to ‘chat’ with Michael Bublé in Vancouver who is home being swaddled and doing the swaddling of his little 1-week old Noah.  We heard some cool segments about dating and Back to School Kids fashions and, of course, got to listen to the four ladies shoot the breeze over some interesting topics… Ariel Castro anyone?  They also gifted the audience with a $50 gift card to Walmart!

All in all, a great time, and I can’t wait to go back!  I’m open to guest host… seriously, have you seen me MC-ing?

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