I would like to introduce you to… Women In The Now

Twitter and blog audience, I’d like to introduce you to Women In The Now.  Women In The Now, Twitter and blog audience.


With big ambition, founded by my friend and colleague Amy Badun, WIN is a social networking group for young professional women who are looking to foster their own success and involve themselves in an environment of like-minded, driven achievers.

We had our first event on September 11, with Karla CongsonExecutive Strategy Director & Managing Director at Twist Image, as our speaker talking about her Top 10 Career Life Lessons.  Over 40 young women showed up to network, chat and learn from someone in the field – someone who’s been there, done that.

I want to invite you to join Women In The Now.  Our site, womeninthenow.ca is live, and you can find us on LinkedIn, Twitter @WomenInNow, and Facebook www.facebook.com/womeninnow.

Our next event will be in mid-November.  I look forward to seeing you there!


– The Socialist

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