Yesterday I made an impromptu stop at Second City.  Two friends (my sister and Virginie) and I had some drinks at Gretzky’s before deciding, on a whim, to attend a show.  I’d never been (or maybe I had but didn’t remember from my elementary field trip days), and neither had the girls, but it was something we all decided on after polishing off two bottles of Weir Sauv and shooting the breeze for at least 2 hours.

The irony behind impromptu decisions to watch improv is not lost on me.  We giggled and burst out laughing at the 10 or so skits done by the talented up-and-comers of the Toronto comedy scene and I couldn’t help but reminisce about what it would have been like to watch the likes of John Candy, Steve Martin, Martin Short or even Mike Myers on stage and breaking out into their now infamous roles in film.

What would-be famous icons were being born on the stage that very evening?


It was also a significant evening because our new found friendship with Virginie started at a Women in the Now event.  I’m so inspired by meeting new women in my field (and beyond) and we had an amazing evening getting to know each other better and chatting about life.  (Ignore me, I am looking at the wrong camera here).

On our walk home, my sister Katie and I played tourist and actually got someone on the street to take our photo in front of Roy Thompson Hall.  It’s about time we did something to enjoy our City together, and, appreciating the fact that Virginie moved to Toronto and loves it here, wouldn’t dream of moving, I feel the same way.

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