Awesome GPS voice alternatives

A few months ago I read a hilarious article by a reporter for the National Post on the new movie Getaway, who likened the sinister voice on the other end of Ethan Hawke’s cell phone to that of an evil GPS.

Imagine if you could switch your GPS’s voice to anyone’s, specifically a famous or recognized person?  It would be so cool if you could change who was talking to you through your GPS, vs. just changing the accent or gender of the person directing you.  Personality included.

Here are some of my alternatives that I wish could become a reality…

“We’ve just passed into the realm of Gondor.”  If only Gandalf could be brought to life on the streets of Toronto, guiding me, with wisdom, which neighbourhoods I’m heading to.

Morgan Freeman
He helped penguins migrate.  So, yes.  Just, yes.

The Queen
How proper would it be to have the queen addressing your next address?

“Where were the other drugs going?” could so easily become “Turn left in 500 metres”… swear to me!

Walter White, on Breaking Bad
He’d have a tone, a deep scratch to his voice, and a sense of urgency that would get me anywhere on time.

There are/could be many others, but this is just a sampling.   Who would you love to have on your GPS?

Bad alternatives: R2D2… it’d be cute for about 1 minute.

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