Sometimes Caffeine Doesn’t Do It


Recently, and more so daily now, I’ve started to hit a wall when I’m just totally exhausted.  Perhaps it’s the non-stop go go go of this world with tasks that continue to pile up, or the repetitiveness of sitting at a desk for upwards of eight hours a day. (Still hoping to implement the walking meeting suggestion btw).  It could just be a physical barrier my body is putting up as a white flag.

The wall is encompassing.  It’s truly exhausting.  I look like a zombie sitting at my desk and my productivity feels lower during bouts of sleepyness.  I feel this only happens on slower days when one can afford a bit of procrastination.  But today, a Monday, it is epidemic.

The funny thing was, sitting at home yesterday was making me so antsy.  I wish could have switched days.  I could have had my wall come over me on Sunday morning at 11am post-breakfast, watching shows on Netflix as the clouds hovered overhead.  Then I’d be perfectly happy to fall in and out of naps as I relaxed the day away.  But no.  The wall comes when I’m at work.

Why does this happen? Caffeine, a solid 8-hours… I’ve done everything I can to prepare.  Maybe it’s because of my inactivity this weekend.  My body is expecting another lazy day so it rebels.

When are you most productive?  Mondays, evenings, at the end of the week or at 10pm on a Saturday?  If only we could learn to harness the ups – to bottle it and open it up when we needed to – then I’d be unstoppable and not sitting here like I’m in slo-mo.

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