4 (actually 8) Things to Improve Yourself in 2018

Cover the Basics Work out.  Eat Better.  Meditate.  Yada yada.  We all know it, but it’s about doing it.  And it’s top of my list for a reason because health, wellness and our ‘healthspans‘ are the most valuable parts of life. Straighten up your finances Take more control over your money by opening a broker…

Top Post of 2017: An Ode to a First Apartment

I’m moving.  After five awesome years in my “first” apartment, I’m upgrading to a condo.   I use quotations around first because although I did move out for school, this was my first on-my-own place, which was a big deal.  It’s time to move on, no doubt, but saying goodbye can be hard. Which is why…

What Organizations Should You Get Involved In?

Have you ever considered taking on something outside of your regular work or leisure time? More young professionals are seeing the immense value of joining an organization or activity that bridges the gap between their full time jobs and lying on the couch watching Netflix. And more employers look for that well-rounded person when hiring….

Work pick-me-up tip

Here’s a random dose of motivation (ademoiselle’s doses are irregular and unplanned) Compliment someone at work! Telling someone an unsolicited piece of positive feedback will brighten their day… and yours. Image: cedpost.com

Updates From the Social Front

It’s the last day of March and we’ve made it through the three worst months of the year, in terms of weather, that is.  On the contrary, these past three months (yes, it’s been that long since I’ve written a post, sadly) have been chock full of exciting happenings. For one, I started a new…