4 (actually 8) Things to Improve Yourself

Cover the Basics
Work out.  Eat Better.  Meditate.  Yada yada.  We all know it, but it’s about doing it.  And it’s top of my list for a reason because health, wellness and our ‘healthspans‘ are the most valuable parts of life.

Straighten up your finances
Take more control over your money by opening a broker account, learning how to invest on your own, and understanding where you spend (and save).

Be an MC at a Wedding
Know a few friends getting married this year? Ask if one of them needs an MC.  Being an MC is a great way to flex your public speaking skills (even if you don’t have them, you’ll get some) and do a bit of improv.  Check out this handy How-To MC a Wedding video.

Do the little things…
…like making your bed, tidying up your house daily etc.  And look up more often at things like the trees, the buildings and even the full moon, vs. down at your phone. Especially when crossing streets.

Happy 2018 everyone!


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