Sharing Bagels with the Garbage and Other Confessions

file8051335318572Yesterday a coworker gave me a tiny cup of Haagen Dazs Gelato ice cream.  It was hard to open (literally, couldn’t get the damn plastic off) but once I removed the lid and unsealed its delicious freshness, the old me (aka yesterday’s me) would have said ‘game over’ and downed the whole thing.  Instead, I had 1 bite and put it in the fridge downstairs, to hopefully be forgotten about or else consumed over a matter of days in a logical, controlled way.

Then, another coworker gave me half a gluten free chocolate cookie with macadamia chips.  Sigh! Another temptation! Yet I passed that test, eating the half of the half of cookie and purging the other.  Waste yes, not want yes.

“I shared a bagel with the garbage.”

This is the new me.  The Mel that is finally, after months of over-indulging, taking serious action on her body and saying NO.  The Mel that is trying to convince herself that eating the leaf you see to your left is an enjoyable thing.  It’s really only about saying no to yourself, not to others.  It helps when others help you.  A friend bought me a salad today.  Willpower is a keen trick but it takes so much practice and failure.  Willpower has to be guided by not the decision at hand, but by a greater power that overrules regardless your situation.

That decision is created when one looks at themselves in the mirror wearing only what those girls in the ads on pirate bay wear and taking a stand.  That is enough!

Day 2 and I already feel better.  I’ve pre-programmed dinner into my meal watcher just to ensure I have my plan on track.  A friend taught me this trick.  This is the friend I also down 8 Oreos with whilst watching the bachelor.  Did I just say Oreos? I meant to add, Oreos and wine.

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