10 #NXNEI takeaways that will make you sound like a rockstar

the nxne interactive fest was in toronto until friday.  after three days of sessions i picked up some of the best tidbits and takeaways from the event.

here are some of those guaranteed to make you sound like a rockstar:

– it’s all about mobile.  duh.  but what’s important from this takeaway is that it’s not just apple’s game.  also, people, canadians are on their phone 23% of the time, but adspend for mobile is at just 1% – i hear a leprechaun on a gold mine chuckling from afar… @marlonrodrigues

– i learned that this is a really cool video and that if you haven’t seen this (separate video) you are missing out big time @rosiesiman

– that there are 8 steps to making an idea stick, and one of them is that the impossible is possible, it just takes a lot of work (envision you, a long rope, a high climb, and some slips) @mavylala

– iPhonography is a thing, and 38% of Canadians are sharing photos online @flashlight

– that you need to check out qloud, monnix, brainpicker, highlight (app), buzzword bingo (app), cameramatic right now! just google it

– that influence isn’t something charlie sheen, ashton kutcher, or even karl wolf has – it’s something brad the fishing expert (@clarancetweets) has with his 150 followers who love his posts and expertise on the sport.  you can’t generate influence without the right amount of audience and inspiration. @saulcolt

– back to the mobile tidbit, it’s really hard for developers to hit it big writing apps for apple @kenseto

– a good tweet goes a long way.  my “sh*t people say at nxnei” tweet was retweeted about 10 times – thank you for that! – and metro toronto paper picked it up for their voices section friday morning. @melaniereiff (me).

– not only this but a lot of great tweeters interacted, met up, and exchanged their takeaways – all on twitter.  just look up #nxnei on twitter for the best feed on the festival – twitter is the new pen pal

– a pitch isn’t just about what you do, it’s a chance to give something of value to who you’re pitching – and that mailing it as a hard copy in between two pieces of plywood is a good idea. hey, it worked! @schutzsmith

and the fun extras, because we’re all human…

– it’s easier to remember @handles after you’ve used them – most of the ones from this post are from memory

– 2 glasses of wine at lunch may hinder my ability to focus on the last few prezzies

– doing the robot is easier after you’ve had a few cupcakes @vitaminT @drafted_boy @ldillonschalk

– nxnei staff take this event seriously.  it went off without a hitch, save for the odd microphone mishap.  i had my nametag accosted by a few pair of eyes when i crossed the barrier without the words ‘interactive’ visible to the staff.  good on them.

thanks for the great time, #nxnei!

2 responses to “10 #NXNEI takeaways that will make you sound like a rockstar”

  1. Marzipan and Marmite Avatar

    I absolutely love the Chipotle video – wonderful execution and a warm, but non-cheesy, storyline.

    1. ademoiselle Avatar

      Absolutely agree! They did an amazing job. Thanks for reading!

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