Canada Lives Here… it really does!

No, seriously, it lives HERE at CBC.  The CBC’s groundbreaking Canada Lives Here exhibit opens its doors and the nation’s eyes and ears to where we’ve gone and where we’re going in Canadian broadcasting.  It showcases the achievements and milestones of CBC’s broadcasting history, alongside a series of awesome events in Canada’s history.  Goosebump alert….

Last Week’s Autobiographical and Dramatic Episodes

Let’s jump back to last Monday morning when I was hit by a car.  Just to clarify, I’m fine.  The car was going about 5K an hour and they saw me crossing the street, they just couldn’t stop in time because of the snowy roads.  The driver, obviously traumatized, finally jolted to a halt beside…

Harnessing the Power of Social Media during a Live Event

I am heading to the ADCC Awards with two of my lovely, fellow Ad Buzz contributors.  This got me thinking more about how one can maximize their networking presence at an event. You can amplify your presence and post-event efforts by using social media.  Here are some tips: