App Truths from a Smartphone Addict

According to a new Google study, Canadians are very addicted to their smartphones and I am one of those people.  We take our phones with us everywhere we go – heck, I even sleep with mine under my pillow (well, I used to, but now I put it at least 2 feet away from my…

Canada Lives Here… it really does!

No, seriously, it lives HERE at CBC.  The CBC’s groundbreaking Canada Lives Here exhibit opens its doors and the nation’s eyes and ears to where we’ve gone and where we’re going in Canadian broadcasting.  It showcases the achievements and milestones of CBC’s broadcasting history, alongside a series of awesome events in Canada’s history.  Goosebump alert….

The Social Side of being Sick

I felt a tickle in my throat this morning.  It better not be the flu, the one that has gripped most of Canada and the US in the worst way this season.  Will I change my Facebook status to declare my imminent illness?  Maybe.  I’d be part of a large group. 

Social Media Campaigns that will freak the s*%$ outta you

Each of the below 2013 horror movies offers a new scare to help you forget all about the holidays. I wondered what producers are doing nowadays to promote their flicks, so I did some digging, unfortunately. Did I mention I hate horror movies?

8 Sites that will get them asking ‘Where did you find that?!’

I have become so information-hungry in recent months that I will spend hours at night researching things that intrigue me online. It’s easy to get lost on sites like StumbleUpon, Wikipedia, and Tumblr with the power of their Star-Trekkian hyperlinks, but it’s also about finding something cool before anyone else does. In this case, it’s…