Brilliantly Funny Marketing #Fail: Shell gets Punked by Greenpeace

it really is all in the details.  details so elaborate that greenpeace planned an advertising hoax on shell, one of its biggest sources of environmental anguish.

#shellfail made it online.  hilarity ensued with what appeared to be ruthless caption hopefuls taking non-stop jabs at the oil giant through a fake ad caption contest run, supposedly, by shell.  over 208 pages and counting have appeared of meme-styled arctic images set behind an ironic, sarcastic, or terribly true tagline.

here are a few other hilarious ones that caught my eye…

as a community manager, this type of campaign scares and thrills me.  to handle the shitstorm that would ensure after a marketing fail such as this would be a tough job.  then again, greenpeace would have to take a lot of “heat” for impersonating a well known brand. ohh the copyright laws.

but, the cat’s outta the bag.  now, shell can decide what to do with this information – something they never could have or would have had the balls to run, but can now study the impact at a safe distance away.  greenpeace, did you just succeed in making shell the victim?


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