The Rise of Social Music – #AdBuzz article

Create an instant music playlist based on your mood?

Welcome to the world of social music. Companies like offer curated music content and choose what you want to listen to before you even know it yet.

Some of you have likely heard of Songza, but for those who haven’t, the homepage takes you to your present time, whether that is Thursday morning or Saturday night. Based on the time of day, and a series of five suggestions, you select what you’re in the mood for and they take it from there.

Brands should get to know social music platforms. The Bay’s latest campaign uses another music app called Shazam as a platform to transport listeners to their website via the music in their ad. All you need is the app and to catch the ad on TV.

But if you’re looking for more local flavour, and perhaps the chance to ‘discover’ someone new to share with friends, try Tunezy, which is still in beta. Their business model is based on social reward elements versus traditional advertising. The artists on the site aren’t mainstream, they are independent and damn good. Plus, it’s a return to traditional models where you pay for music. iTunes does it, why can’t we do it for local artists?

So, whether you have zero time to pull together a playlist for your party or you’re at work looking for inspiration, try a social music curation site and see what you’ve been missing!

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