This is the best word to use on Twitter #AdBuzz

This is the best word to use on Twitter. Literally. ‘This’ is the best word to use on Twitter. This. It’s not a gimmick, it’s not a hashtag or a new-age term about a digital revolution or product.  By simply saying ‘this’ it will get people clicking. ‘This’ is better than ‘How-To’ or ‘The Top’…

The Social Side of being Sick

I felt a tickle in my throat this morning.  It better not be the flu, the one that has gripped most of Canada and the US in the worst way this season.  Will I change my Facebook status to declare my imminent illness?  Maybe.  I’d be part of a large group. 

Social Media Campaigns that will freak the s*%$ outta you

Each of the below 2013 horror movies offers a new scare to help you forget all about the holidays. I wondered what producers are doing nowadays to promote their flicks, so I did some digging, unfortunately. Did I mention I hate horror movies?

8 Sites that will get them asking ‘Where did you find that?!’

I have become so information-hungry in recent months that I will spend hours at night researching things that intrigue me online. It’s easy to get lost on sites like StumbleUpon, Wikipedia, and Tumblr with the power of their Star-Trekkian hyperlinks, but it’s also about finding something cool before anyone else does. In this case, it’s…