#Frankenmessage: Use the Right Social Media Channel for your Message – #adbuzz

200 years ago, Mary Shelley was onto something.

If the author of Frankenstein were alive today she’d be mastering the art of crafting content for each of her social channels. After all, her most famous and gruesome novel about a scientist and a monster took just that approach. Each character told the same story but from their own perspective, drastically changing the message.

Your social media channels should emulate this model. Why? Because digital channels, just like traditional ones, require channel-specific thinking. You wouldn’t put a radio broadcast on TV, would you? A tweet does not a Facebook post make.

Exhibit A: Bodyform

Bodyform emulates the importance of freeing yourself from the silos of social. They responded to a Facebook post using a different social channel, one that functioned best for their message. The result? Views skyrocketed, it became an instant viral hit, and they were able to accomplish what a Facebook response could not.

Tip: Identify your message, choose your channel response, and use all that that channel can offer over any other. Facebook is for sharing, YouTube is for viewing etc.

You’ll be screaming “It’s Alive!!” before you can say Happy Halloween!

You can follow Melanie Reiffenstein on Twitter @MelanieReiff or read more of her blog:ademoiselle.com

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