This is the best word to use on Twitter.


‘This’ is the best word to use on Twitter. This.

It’s not a gimmick, it’s not a hashtag or a new-age term about a digital revolution or product.  By simply saying ‘this’ it will get people clicking.

‘This’ is better than ‘How-To’ or ‘The Top’ or ‘The Best’.  It’s short, which makes it a great addition to any post, and it leaves the reader wanting more.  It’s what they can’t see, it’s hiding behind the tweet.  It’s what makes them click.

Behold some examples:

Best word to use on Twitter

Ahh! It’s like nails on chalkboard if I don’t click!  I just have to see what ‘this’ is.

So next time you want someone to look at something, show them this and get them salivating.

What word do you think is the best to use on Twitter? Leave your comments below or tweet me @MelanieReiff.

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