Harnessing the Power of Social Media during a Live Event

I am heading to the ADCC Awards with two of my lovely, fellow Ad Buzz contributors.  This got me thinking more about how one can maximize their networking presence at an event.

You can amplify your presence and post-event efforts by using social media.  Here are some tips:

LIVE TWEETING:  Find out the event hashtag.  If there isn’t one, create your own.  Research the speakers/presenters beforehand to learn their handles.  Tweet in sound bites that aren’t repetitive yet are relevant to those who can’t be there.  It’s your POV people are interested in.

SHARING PHOTOS:  A picture is worth a thousand words – and in social media metrics, that’s around seven tweets!  Capturing a slide/panel/outfit shows you’re on the front lines of what’s being discussed.  You are providing a vantage point for your audience while also boosting your influence.

INFLUENCER NETWORK:  On the spot, you can find out who is socially savvy and locate them at the event.  Plan an impromptu meet-up during the event.  At #NXNEI (North by Northeast interactive) I tweeted fellow tweeps and we met up after each session to chew the fat.  I made some good connections, one of whom is now a good friend.

POST-EVENT: It’s crucial to your content and audience that your event assets are posted the following day. Stay relevant by sharing links to your content with people you met at the event, and with other influencers in your circles.  You’ll be surprised at who will re-share your content.  TIP If you’re curious about who clicks on your links you can use bit.ly to measure them.  Set up a profile, shrink your content into a bit.ly link, and start measuring!

You don’t have to be Joan Rivers to say the right thing at an event.  Let thoughts come to you and think of your own unique angle to voice them in.  Imagine 50 other people talking about the same thing in the same room.  How do you stand out?

Follow along with us: @MelanieReiff, Diana Bailey @Epic__Bail and Sophia Lucken @offbeat_copy using #ADCC and #Directions2012!


For more social media tips you can also visit Mel’s blog at Ademoiselle.com.

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