Last Week’s Autobiographical and Dramatic Episodes

Let’s jump back to last Monday morning when I was hit by a car.  Just to clarify, I’m fine.  The car was going about 5K an hour and they saw me crossing the street, they just couldn’t stop in time because of the snowy roads.  The driver, obviously traumatized, finally jolted to a halt beside my horizontal body, crouched up so as to protect my legs from being slowly run over, and she jumped out to pull me to my feet and apologize.  Like a true Canadian I asked if she was okay and then proceeded to walk to the subway.

That was a good way to start off a crazy week.  It was Advertising Week Canada and I was representing JWT along with a few other young, up and coming colleagues, eager to absorb all the tips and tricks shared by the experts on stage and speakers on panels.  Session after session, some covering YouTube’s latest trends and others discussing the psychology of consumer behaviour (my favourite, a talk by Rory Sutherland – watch his TED talk here), was followed by the culminating evening: Ad Ball.

All in all it made me realize I need to take handwriting lessons.  My messy note-taking would shock even my physician whose abysmal writing somehow assures I get the right birth control every month.  I do not write anything down anymore with a pen.  I type, tweet, and even use Siri to record my voice into text.  It’s a sad situation and I could no sooner declare I wanted to learn Swedish than say I wanted to re-learn how to write nicely.


The final episode of the crazy week had me accidentally abandoning the fourth and smallest bag I was carrying on the city bus and watching, helplessly, as the bus drove off into the night.  The bag, a case filled with DVDs, was on loan to me from my boyfriend and he’d just given it to me that afternoon.  I could have no better lost the case if I had rocketed it to space, I thought, desperately trying to locate the bus on my RocketMan app as my uncle sped up the main street.  He volunteered to chase down the bus the minute I stepped through the doorway to my house, weeping like a frustrated baby.  I was unable to decipher the app and the routes I so rarely took – why would I ever ride past my usual stop?  We never did catch up.

Coming to terms with the loss, yet taking to social media, I thought perhaps a tweet that was retweeted repeatedly might help to create awareness of the lost case.  Sure enough, after my message went out, retweet after retweet started happening and 28 other tweeters had hastened to my rescue.

The tweet was the top result when searching #TTC on Twitter and I called lost and found today to learn they had indeed found the case and were holding it. What a relief! I cannot describe my joy, after being so hard on myself for doing something so stupid the night before.

So, there you have it.  A week of Seinfeldian nothings combined into what I perceived to be a tough seven days.  But guess what? I’m going on holidays soon and the countdown is on!

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