Go ahead… ask a question! 5 Ways to use Questions on Twitter

Because Twitter isn’t just a soapbox for relaying your best and worst one-liners (although it serves very well in this aspect), you should be using it to seek feedback from your audience.  How?  It’s simple.

Ask a question.

People are afraid of posing questions on Twitter because they worry no one will reply.  They worry they’ll look stupid when they ask the question to only the 100 that people follow them.  But followers see tweets in an equal environment and quality, on Twitter, is paramount.

Here are easy ways to make sure you get a response:

1. Don’t take up more than 80 characters.  People who reply will need room to add their feedback.  (Hint: Don’t ask for DM’s (Direct Messages) unless the topic is sensitive.  Even then, initial questions can take place publicly and DM’s can follow.)

2. Use hashtags to target people outside your follower group.

3. Direct the question to someone.  @Mentioning people in the question is a good idea, but keep the group small.  If you’re asking about your new lipstick colour from your fall collection, throw in Coco Rocha’s Twitter handle.  Ask someone of influence.  You’ll either get a RT, an @mention, or replies from people hoping to get the influencer’s attention as well.

4. Questions come in all shapes and sizes.  Yes or No.  Why or How.  Asking for RTs of asking people to mention you when they tweet their favourite ________.  All are fair game.  Apply these tips to any form of engagement on Twitter.

5. Catchiness is King.  If you are asking a clever question, make it sound clever! If you want to get the attention of the CEO of a major marketing firm, tweet to them and make sure your question is airtight.  Speak in the voice of your brand and don’t make it sound too stuffy or robotic – we’re all human after all.

Twitter gives people the impression that tweets are a dime a dozen but, used correctly, a tweet can have a lot of power and the potential to build business for you and your brand.

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