Be more like your dog, be happier

581599_10100364813738349_2006602028_nDogs are amazing creatures.  Not only are they faithful, friendly all the time, happy to see you and always up for whatever you’re doing, but they don’t talk back to you, they don’t take criticism too harshly, and they forget bad things that happen to them (I’m talking about small little bad things like throwing up on the lawn, not those a-holes who abuse and traumatize dogs).

Whenever I think about the things that make me upset about human nature, I start to think about my dog.  How he reacts when another one of his kind interacts with him, how he sees the world etc.  If we all started to adopt the dog mentality, we’d be a lot happier.

Here’s why:

1) Dogs don’t sweat the small stuff.  Another dog had a barking-fit outburst at my pup this weekend.  My dog just backed away and kept on walking down the street, just continuing to take in his surroundings.  If you don’t sweat the small stuff, like that guy who honked you while you were trying to do a left turn during rush hour to take your kid to the doctor, or the woman who gives you the meanest stare-down while you’re standing on a street corner in your running shoes and office dress because, hey, you like to walk to work, then you’ll live happier.  Dogs don’t worry about road rage, nor do they care if some other dog buds in front of them when they’re trying to get to the watering hole at the dog park.

2) Dogs complain when they can’t exercise.  But we silly humans complain when we have to work out (well, lots of us, with some exceptions). Rain or shine, snow or sun, your dog is out there running his heart out on that open field and your heart feels freer just watching the little bugger enjoy the smallest things in life.  We should demand ourselves to work out.  Change that mentality and insist you won’t be happy lying on the couch until you’ve had your run.

3) Dogs eat healthy balanced, diets… and the odd treat.  I don’t think I’d be too happy if I had to eat two bowls of kibble every day, but it sure would keep me fit and healthy.  Besides, what dog doesn’t enjoy the odd treat, bone, licking of that steak plate, or piece of cheese?  The trick is in moderation.

4) Dogs meet other dogs and move on.  Dogs don’t have to make excuses or scrimp around for promises like ‘Hey, let’s go for a coffee sometime’ when they bump into another dog they don’t see around too often.  Humans have a weird need to prove they’re connecting, even when the best kind of connection is already happening – you bumping into Joe Schmo at the grocery store. Take that time to sniff the metaphorical ass (ask questions about the family, work etc.) then move on.

5) Dogs don’t talk, they listen.  We humans have a need to say something about ourselves all the time.  Dogs don’t have the need to jump in with their story about how you spent your day, instead they’ll listen and watch, with intense eye contact.  Try it sometime (without being creepy of course).

Share your favourite thing about dogs below in the comments.

One response to “Be more like your dog, be happier”

  1. theeditorsjournal Avatar

    They’re not human. 🙂

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