4 Ways to get your #newheader on Twitter noticed


You probably haven’t noticed that Twitter announced a few new features to their site, including the most talked about new header feature.  The reason you haven’t noticed?  Because no one, not even you, goes to your own ‘me‘ page.

While there are loads of tips on how to create a better photo [i.e. clever integration of header image with profile picture], here’s how to get your new Twitter header photo to command attention:

1. Don’t just change it.  Tweet about it!  Once you’ve updated your header, tell your audience you’ve done so with a link to your direct profile.  It will force a click and encourage feedback, perhaps a follow. Hashtag #newheader

2. Brands: engage your fans in the selection of your header image.  Imagine if Coke posted a fan photo for the day? Creative brands can ask fans for user generated content.  Or they can ask them to weigh in on what they select.  Contests, gaming, events – it’s an owned space with endless potential.  And, why no header image, Coke? 

3. Use it as a banner. The old Twitter charged $50K for brands to create a branded page.  Now, the header can act as that very banner at a cost of nothing.  Ouch to whoever spent the 50G’s in January.

4. Promote something your bio cannot.  Photoshop your Instagram/ Event date/ Book launch/ Ted Talk into your header for extra, at-this-moment coverage.  Don’t forget to tweet it.

You’ve got a cool new image, now use it and promote it.

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  1. Simple and straight to the point, thank you!

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